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2017 Teams: Sports Perf. - Spain

Sports Performance - Spain

When we started planning this trip to Spain it was going to be a fully teaching trip at a local Barcelona university.  A few months in we found out that the university wasn't going to happen and we were going to be doing mostly clinic type things with the basketball teams and today (Thursday) we would be working with an American Women's Football team...yes you read that right...American Football Women's team.  Our Spain staff and I spoke and decided that there would be some SportLife material that we have within AIA that would be good for these teams to hear.  

Let me tell you...

That was GOD!!!  Tuesday and Wednesday the response from that material was overwhelming and the key volunteers that we have in Lleida already have 3 young women to follow up with.  Here in Barcelona tonight we met with the women's football team.  Amber and Courtney led the women in dynamic warmup drills and prepared them for their practice.  We were only given 30 minutes of the practice with this team so we needed to be thorough with a short amount of time.  Today's SportLife topic was "Taking Care of your body" and "Self Talk."  Our staff here in Spain has been meeting with one player, who is a believer, pretty regularly for discipleship, but hasn't had interest from any of the other girls.  We found out that there were quite a few girls that were hurt as we were preparing for the practice so we knew that the talk might resonate with some of them, but we didn't know if it would go beyond there.  

One young lady...we will call her M...came to our Spain staff after their practice and started asking her questions about the talk and wanted to know if she knew how she could know more!!!  

I am telling you that is God!!!  We have these things planned, but God changes the things to fit HIS plan...

We are giving HIM the glory today and ask you to pray for us as we head to Madrid for two days of conferences before we head back to the US on Sunday.

Good Night

p.s. We also got to have dinner with really good friends of mine from the states who are here for education purposes until the summer.  It was great to see them and enjoy their home, family, and food!!!  Thank you Autumn and Eddie Zakes for you hospitality!!!!

- Lisa for the team

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