The Sidelines of God's Game

Section: Sports Perf.

Team Notes ( Non- Project): AIA Sports Performance

2017 Teams: Sports Perf. - South Africa

 Being an athletic trainer I'm always on the sidelines of football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball games. But, until this past week I never looked at it as being on the sidelines of God's game. If you think about it, it is his game that were on the sidelines of because he gave those athletes the ability and talent to play their sport. Last week American and South African athletes came together to learn more about Christ and how to use their sport to worship God. On the third day of camp the campers participated in the SPECIAL. The SPECIAL is where they competed against each other in different competitions and really learned and felt what it is like to give it all to God and to give Him the glory in their sport instead of relying on their own strength. The SPECIAL lasted 20 hours and they only got 4 hours of sleep. During the SPECIAL I felt like I was only receiving half of it because I was on the sidelines and not going through the pain and suffering they endured. There were times where I wasn't allowed to encourage them and that was really hard. The last end of it all I wanted to do was take their place and take their pain away but I couldn't, all I could was encourage them and to remind them that they get their strength from Christ and it's because of Him that they could do it and finish. It really taught me a lot about myself and how much I don't rely on God in atheltic training. I realised that in the future I'm not going to be able to take my athletes pain away but I can share Christ with them and it's through Him that their pain will lessen. Something that spoke volume to me was when Lisa said, "You put Him there." I grew up knowing that Christ died on the cross for my sins but I had never heard it that way and the tone of voice she had when she said it. I'm so thankful for the exerices I've had so far on this trip for the work God is doing in me. 

- Callie 

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