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It's hard to believe the team has been home from Kenya for over two weeks. As a team we would like to share with everyone our final reflections, take-aways, and highlights from our twelve day journey. Enjoy!
Dean writes,
"Two weeks back from our Kenya trip and I'm all ready to go back again. While I have been wrapping up the organizational and financial details from the trip, and have submitted a summary of this year's events and recommendations for next year, I've also had time to debrief with others and reflect on the trip in my quiet time. Through that, I have landed on 3 action steps to try and incorporate in my walk with Christ:
1. To reflect more often on the wonderful diversity of color and culture that is a part of God's kingdom on earth now, and will be in heaven. Our two fantastic Sunday church worship and ministry experiences reinforced that with me;
2. To look forward to discipling from a distance one of the young people we spent time with at the Kariabungi Church,  who had indicated an interest in growing deeper in their spiritual life - and asking me to be their "Paul;"
3. To pray daily for more opportunities to serve the people of Kenya - for a team(s) from St. Christopher Academy to come to AIA for training, for our AIA Basketball Team's trip there this summer, and for our AIA Golf Tour next year!"
These words from Betty,
"Each of my 3 trips to Kenya have been distinctive. This one prompted thoughts in a totally new direction.
Children - I was intrigued by the children we observed in church on our first Sunday; they were so "well behaved." We sat near youngsters as young as 4 or 5 and they all sat quietly throughout the pastor's message. The following week, I joined a very large children's Sunday School class in a very small room, and again, there was a deference to the teacher and an understanding of how to be attentive. I believe there is a great deal to learn about parenting and developing character from our Kenyan brothers and sisters.
On this trip we interacted with Kenyans in every station in life, from very destitute to very successful and accomplished. As the song says, "people need the Lord." Regardless of our accompishments or resources, we all need a relationship with Jesus.....whether in Kenya or the USA.
On a final note, I loved the interaction with our team. Being the mother of 2 girls, it was great fun being around our team that included 3 great young men who love the Lord and are great examples of lives commited to Christ!"
Jim says,
“This was my 5th Mission Trip abroad, my 2nd trip to Kenya, and my 1st AIA Mission encounter. As an avid golfer, I must admit I was curious about how I would feel regarding GOLF as a Mission Field “sacrifice” ... since I love Golf in the first place!
However, the Lord blessed me through:
1) renewing my soul via daily Bible study
2) sharing Christian business principals
3) helping Kenya golfers improve their swing
4) remembering how God has molded my life
5) rekindling past Kenyan relationships
6) “seeing” the results of past investments
7) loving on my team mates during the week
8) gaining new brothers & sister in Christ
9) rooming with a Christian athlete (Junior)
10) being loved by Kenyan Christians
I highly recommend this experience. Just say YES .... you’ll be glad you did!”
Susie's final thoughts,
"Even though my golf is not as good as when I was ranked tenth in the U.S. and playing golf for the University of Arizona, I was still able to use my skills and knowledge to further the gospel of Jesus Christ by reaching people that would otherwise go unreached. This was very fulfilling for me. The leadership responsibilities I had on this trip also helped me to grow in my confidence and personal development."
Daniel concludes,
"This was my first mission trip ever and I'm so glad it was to Kenya with AIA. I had only heard about mission trips so I was very curious how this one would play out. I loved that I was able to use my two loves, God and Golf, to share the gospel. While I was there I was able to focus on how God has lead me to this mission trip and just how blessed I was to be experiencing a different part of this world. The Lord did some amazing things in me while I was there like allowing me to grow closer to him through our daily Bible Studies that would get us in the right mind set for the days activities. I was able to share my testimony with complete strangers and tie it into the game of golf. I was also able to help the local Kenyans improve the swings but also provide safe spiritual conversations with them. I meet so many fun, loving, happy and passionate people while I was there. My team was absolutely amazing and definitely made the whole experience so much better. A lot of us had never met before and all of our personality just blended so while together. My best memory was for our time in the slum Kariobangi were I gave my testimony twice. The second time it was during the church service. After the service was over everyone broke into small group and all the youth of the church showed praise for my testimony not because it was amazing story but because of how open, honest, and venerable I was. The Kenyan people of Kariobangi were so appreciative to us. I highly recommend this trip and experience to everyone."

~ Jacob for the Team

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