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2017 Teams: Volleyball - Thailand

The count is down to just 6 days and you have 6 Thailanders still to meet. So what do you say we let you in on two more of our incredible players (incredible due to the content of their hearts, not necessarily what they can do on the volleyball court although they are stellar on the court as well). 

Maddy Mandon is a precious soul. Hailing from the University of Portland as an outside hitter. Maddy is excited to see how Jesus changes her heart through this trip and build relationships and be on a team with a bunch of other girls who love Jesus too.

If Maddy could know more about something it'd be the ocean. It's huge, there is so much undiscovered. I'd learn more about the ocean with her too. This is the one and only Maddy Mandon, everyone.

Jessie Wachtman. A middle from Morehead State. She's got a heart of compassion and one that leads her to action. Ever since her freshman year her heart has broken for her unsaved teammates and this Spring she brought a good handful of them to AIA for Winter Retreat. Lets go God, thank you for working through Jessie.

Fun fact about Jessie is her first love was basketball and her friends give her a hard time because she tends to over commentate on what's going on as she watches. Hoping to watch some basketball with her and pumped to have Jessie as a Thailander. 

Well ladies and gentleman, you're only yet to meet 4 of our Thailanders. 

Please keep praying, loving and encouraging your family. 

-Abby for the Team

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