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2017 Teams: Volleyball - Central Asia

Volleyball - Central Asia

I am always so grateful for debrief day.

I never expect it to close our time together as well as it does, but it is always an incredible time to process together.

We traveled to another city this morning in order to catch our flight home early tomorrow morning.

We stayed at a really quaint and accommodating hostel that we are so grateful for so that we have beds and a shower one more time before the long flights home.

It was at the hostel that we were able to process the week: the good, the hard and the divinely inspired. As the director, it was special for me to look back and to hear the team look back as well. Share stories.

Laugh about funny things that occurred.

To prepare together to head back as people that are different from this experience.

  And to talk about what God showed us that we want to take home and bring into our everyday lives.

This group was unique and perfectly chosen by God.

I enjoyed watching them jump right into stepping out and making an impact on this country.

I loved seeing their humility, flexibility and learning attitudes.

They were patient, willing, loving, passionate and courageous.

They challenged me in my faith and they brought many smiles to mine and my husband's faces as we watched God use them all week.

God did a work this week, not just in others, but, as He is always faithful to do, He did it in us too.

- Ashley for the Team

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