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2017 Teams: Sports Perf. - South Africa

Sports Performance - South Africa

Wedesday was a day of opposites. We started the morning at Stellenbosch Unviersity, where we met with the director of High Performance (D1 to professional athletics). Sean, the director, shared his new model and philosophy for the university's athletics. During his presentation it was confirmed that there is huge a disconnect between all of the branches within sports medicine. It seems that pride and a lack of communication are the greatest hinderances to sports medicine here in South Africa. Since Sean has been involved in Stellenbosch Univeristy, he has tried to implement mandatory communication meetings between the sport coaches, the strength and conditioning coaches, the physicians, the physiotherapists, and whoever else needs to be included. He is trying to change the culture of sports medicine and performace in Cape Town. It is exciting to see someone care so passionately about his athletes by creating the best possible enviroment.

After our time in Stellenbosch, we drove to Khayelitsha, a township in the Cape Town area, to visit and treat some of our local athletes that participated in the Ultimate Training Camp. We spent our time at one of the guy's house, where his familiy welomed us with open arms. We stretched, performed soft tissue work on their tired muscles, and taught them stretches they could do on their own after we left. While we were hanging out, the boys were trying to teach us how to dance some of the local African dances. Well, that was quite a site! There was so much body segment movement in their dances, I literally could not catch on. Your feet would go one way, while your hips went other, while your upper body went in multiple directions. Our athletes and locals were laughing at us. Since African dancing was not working for the Americans, we decided to teach them some of our dancing. Please do not judge our choices for dancing (it was the only music we had)! We taught them the "Wobble" and a line dance to "Footloose." They quickly picked up the steps and put us to shame with their moves and added flavor. It was a true joy to sit, dance, talk, share, and hangout with these young men. They have become forever imprinted on my heart and my greatest prayer and desire is to visit these young men and women again. 

As we were sitting down eating our Fet Koek, aka Fat Cakes, (a local favorite), I noticed the the beauty of the moutains just ouside the towship. these mountains are areas that people flock to. As I am sitting there, I see the end of the township right up to the mountain, which to some people could ruin the natural beauty of the mountain. I saw it as my life. God's beauty and purpose is always around me, but I have to look beyond my circumstances to see Him working within and through me. 

Sad to leave Cape Town,

- Reagan for the team

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