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Wrestling - Moldova

Today was our first full camp schedule day. We started with a 7AM morning exercise, where the wrestlers got in some cardio and pummeling. Breakfast was right after that and then into practice session one for the day. The wrestlers are split up into older and younger groups. The older wrestlers (13-18) had wrestling practice, while the younger kids (8-12) had cross training games. There were about 70 older wrestlers in the practice session and our American wrestlers got a good taste of how wrestling practices run here in Moldova and most of Eastern Europe. It has been hotter than normal, so it was really humid in the wrestling room. Aslan commented, "Georgia knows nothing about humidity compared to this!" After practice we all headed to lunch and then there was free time until second practice session. 

We headed back to the hotel as a group. Some people cleaned up, some napped, and some explored. It was nice to have some down time before second session. We ended our free time with team Bible study where we talked about the contrast in Proverbs between the fool and the wise man. How the wise man accepts criticism and grows from it but the fool rejects it. We had a great discussion about the need for constructive and tactful criticism with the church and within our group. 

Second session started at 5 PM. The older kids went over to the stadium to play American football ultimate frisbee and soccer with Stephen Wurster leading them. Stephen said more and more of the wrestlers are understanding the rules of ultimate frisbee and they are getting very good. For soccer, they played a tournament with teams by country and the Moldova team won! At the same time, the younger kids had their first full wrestling practice with 75 wrestlers. It is always fun to watch the next generation learning and growing moment by moment. 

Then came dinner and evening program with about 115 people. For the evening program we played human musical chairs (or birdie on a perch) which did not translate well. It was really fun to watch everyone attempt to play the game and for us as Americans to be at a loss as to how to explain it any better. In the end, we didn't play much of that game. So, we moved onto a perennial favorite... CHUBBY BUNNY!!! The wrestlers always love this game and it's good for some laughs... The winner had 21 marshmallows! We finished the night by watching the AIA film "Unfading Glory".

When we walked out from evening program it was pouring rain! So we ran to our van and headed home for the night.

-Ashlee for the team


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