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2016 Teams: Wrestling - Guatemala

Wrestling Moldova

This morning we got our first taste of camp life. After breakfast we headed to the soccer field to play some games with the teams that are here already. So far the teams from Turkey, Bulgaria, Belarus and some Moldovans are here. We played some soccer for about an hour and got to know each other a little. After soccer our team did some shopping for evening program supplies at the local bazaar. We are really excited to have a more engaging and organized evening program complete with lots of games, skits and even some sing-a-long songs.

Our afternoon was mellow and allowed us to get organIzed for our first evening program. The wrestlers had their first office camp practice this afternoon with about 50% of the campers checked into camp. It was a great time to see what the competition is like and for the Americans to get a taste of what practice will be like. During practice most of the Ukrainian teams arrived. It was so much fun to be reunited with old friends who have been at camp in years past.
After dinner we had our first evening program! We played two fun games including a game involving launching ping pong balls with your mouth across the room. The kids loved it and even joined along in the songs we taught. We started by teaching them the shouting part of "John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt". It was pretty entertaining. Then we showed the new AIA film "Struggle and Triumph" and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

Tomorrow will be roughly the same schedule, but with all the campers present. We are looking forward to meeting new friends and making connections with all the teams here this year. In total there are six countries represented!

-Ashlee for the team


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