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X Project - Ohio

Jackson S.

“Eat. Pray. Baseball.” This would be the moto Jackson S. chooses to live by. Introduced to baseball at a young age, he always knew he wanted to be like his dad one day, a collegiate baseball player. It wasn’t until Jackson signed with Corban University that his dream became a reality.

Finishing up his undergraduate degree in the fall, he is patiently waiting for God to reveal what the next move is, “my ultimate purpose is to serve Him,” Jackson says. The only thing certain, is Jackson’s love for combining sport with faith and impacting those around him.

When considering internships for college credit, Jackson knew X Project was one he couldn’t pass up. After hearing about the internship through his parents, who work with Athletes in Action, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain both professional and spiritual growth for Jackson.

Experiencing God’s love and community on a trip to Cuba with his baseball team, Jackson realized what it looks like to be a Christ follower in any environment. “We went down there to encourage the church because they have a lot of restrictions from their government, but both times I left just humbled because these are Christians that are not in as good of a situation as me,” Jackson says.

Talented, driven and passionate, Jackson has a bright future and continues to pray about where God wants him next. With eagerness to start the next chapter in his life, Jackson reflects on how he has grown this summer and how that will transition into his future career.

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