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2017 Teams: Volleyball - Central Asia

Volleyball - Central Asia

Today was a very good day. We enjoyed some good breakfast and went to the local coffee shop. Then we had some quality time hanging out with the local staff, we studied God's word and spent time in prayer together. We were very encouraged by each other's faith - both the team in-country as well as those of us who came to Central Asia for the week.

We ate lunch with some of our new friends and then we went to boys club where Tyler and I talked with the boys about some important principles regarding living life as young men. It's been a joy getting to speak into some of the young boys lives in boys club and to spend time with them throughout the week, but what is most special to me is that we have gotten to share the good news of Jesus through the platform of volleyball and just be used by God for His work. I especially enjoy the relationships that we have built, the volleyball moments, and being used by God in this nation.

We closed out the day and celebrated the week with a lot of dancing and eating together with the local staff team who have become more like family- thank God that although we live in separate nations, we are still brothers and sisters in Christ.

- Kyle for the Team

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