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Kenya 2017

Cassidy is a California Baptist University graduate.

1. How did you learn about the Kenya Tour?

 I guess AIA staff reached out to my coach since my school was a Christian school and asked if he could recommend any players to apply for the trip.  He mentioned it to me during our post-season NCAA tournament run and I was super excited about it right away.

2. What was your initial reaction before attending?

I was very excited.  I kept telling myself that God had brought this to me as an opportunity for a divine reason and that I just need to be open to change and allow myself to be used by Him for whatever!

3. What is one thing you learned from being a part of tour? 

I learned the power of God is far greater than I could even grasp.  He always has a plan and after becoming super close with every girl and staff member on the trip I could tell that we were all called to be in Kenya together at that very time. That gave me a peace that I still can't put into words.  I loved the feeling of knowing that I had answered God's call and took a leap of faith by joining the tour and traveling across the world to meet this team and serve the people of Kenya. It was awesome. 

4. Was there anything you were surprised on learning about yourself or in general while attending?

I was surprised at how much I opened up to the team so quickly.  I am somewhat of a reserved person so when we got personal I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I felt sharing my life story.  Also, I learned how passionate I felt about serving people whom are less fortunate and spreading the Gospel to unreached people. 

5. What is a funny story that happen on tour?

We were on a Safari and we stopped at a look out point.  We got out of the vans to take pictures and there were a pack of wild monkeys we started taking pictures of.  One of them ended up jumping inside of our empty van and then literally chased after me.  I have never ran so fast in my life hahah!

6. What is your current profession? 

Currently I am a professional basketball player for the Ringwood Hawks Organization in Melbourne, Australia.  I move to Australia January 12th to start training for the season that begins in March.

7. How has God played a role in your life to date?

He has totally blessed me with the gift and abilities to play basketball.  Basketball has taken me all over the world as I have played in Taiwan with my college, Kenya with AIA, India for a tournament with the Ringwood Hawks, and now it is taking me across the world to Australia to play.  I realize that my talent is fully from Him and am so thankful that basketball has allowed me to meet so many people and experience different places/cultures around the world. 

8. What would you say to someone considering a international tour?

Just do it!  It will be a trip of a lifetime. If you are still in the early stages of your walk with God and may be nervous about not being equipped enough to go spread the Gospel, don't worry.  The trip helped me grow in my faith so much and taught me how to dig deep, share your faith, and really chase after God.  It is a life-changing experience and the team is like my new family!


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