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2017 Teams: Volleyball - Central Asia

Volleyball - Central Asia

  As we were heading to Central Asia, I wasn't sure what to expect in regards to how often we would be able to share our faith. Since we were in a closed country, I assumed we would tip-toe around and be extremely careful with how we shared and when. I quickly noticed that our in-country staff were extremely bold and unashamed of their faith, which completely challenged me as a westernized believer.

After a week of sharing our faith multiple times, I was reminded once again how amazing sports are to be that platform and universal language to get our faith conversations rolling.

As Kyle mentioned in an earlier blog, we got to lead a Boy's Time to share what it looks like to be a man. We specifically spoke on Humility, Reliability, Compassion, & Agape Love. At the very end of our talk (Which we could not share about Jesus, at all), two brothers whom we shared our faith with earlier in the week, asked us, "Is this the same love that Isa (Jesus) had for us?" We were shocked and in amazement that these young boys connected the dots!

As we walked outside after Boy's Time, the mosque (Islamic church) next door was blaring the "call to prayer." The same two brothers looked at me and asked "Tyler, do you know what this is?" So I asked them to explain it to me, which transformed into a conversation of Kyle and I getting to share the Miracles of Jesus, with them. It was incredible getting to see their reactions of the wonderful miracles that they've never known of before. We pray that this leads them in the right direction & helps encourage them to seek Truth for themselves.

- Tyler for the Team

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