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I’m not even sure where to begin with this summary because the week in Spain was incredible!!! 

It was clear from the time we left the USA that Christ was at work in us and through us. One of the most amazing things Christ did this week was to make His plan very clear to all of us. He comprised a team from the USA made up of people that didn’t know each other very well until this week. Our team assisted the Madrid AIA team to kick start a sports ministry in a country where many people don’t understand the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The AIA Madrid Team told us this week that most people in Spain have a “religion” but not a “relationship”. Christ built relationships this week that will last for eternity because we had the opportunity to serve alongside our fellow brothers and sisters from Madrid to accomplish His will. The God we serve is AWESOME! Many Bible verses could be cited to summarize our mission trip. The one that comes to mind is: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me".

We left the USA on Sunday, but due to time changes arrived in Spain on Monday morning. After landing in Madrid, we checked into the hostel and toured the city. Needless to say, we were a little tired after being awake for approximately 36 hours. We had the opportunity to serve people in Madrid by seeing patients at Joyce’s medical clinic on Tuesday. It was an eye opening experience because it became clear that Spain’s healthcare system is drastically different than the USA’s. In the afternoon, we split up to continue serving people at Joyce’s clinic while another group went to Kenny’s hospital to teach taping and wrapping techniques to medical residents that work with Kenny.

Wednesday was another great day because we divided up to meet with the AIA team members individually. It provided us an opportunity to learn more about the vision of AIA Madrid along with learning about their walk with Christ. Christ used these meetings to build bonds that will last forever. This was also the first night of the Sports Performance Conference where we had the opportunity to speak.

On Thursday, our two teams met for a time of fellowship. It became obvious that Christ was in control of this time because every member of each team shared vital information at just the right time during the meeting. That evening we spoke at the second night of the sports performance conference at the medical school.

Friday was our 10 mile walking/sightseeing adventure with Luis. If you ever go to Madrid let us know and we will hook you up with him. Just make sure you bring the most comfortable shoes you own! The two most memorable sites of the day were the Real Madrid Stadium and the Prada Museum. The tour provided us with an opportunity to continue to bond as a team. It was an entertaining day we will all remember.

Our team split into two teams on Saturday so we could provide training sessions with Christian soccer teams prior to their matches. We also played beach volleyball. I don’t recall who won the first five games, but I know the guy’s team beat the ladies in the final game of the night. 

Christ made His presence clear again on Sunday because we awoke to find out that our flight back to the USA was delayed 8 hours. This provided us the opportunity to worship with our brothers and sisters in Spain. It was powerful! Our good-byes were really hard.

On behalf of the entire team, I want to thank everyone who supported us on this trip through financial support and prayer.  You all played a major role in making this trip such a success. However, the one who deserves all the credit is Christ. He died on the cross so each of us who believe in Him and have a personal relationship, can have eternal life. If you don’t have that relationship, please feel free ask any of us.

God is not dead! He is alive in Madrid AIA and in all of us.


The 2015 AIA Spain Sports Performance Tour Team

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