Volleyball - Thailand

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    There is something so cool at looking back, now 53 day later (hard to believe it has been so long), and remember what God did in Thailand. The 2015 AIA Thailand tour never got wrapped up here on this blog but it definitely ended on a sweet note, with a little spice here and there, with all that God did. I want to share those sweet and spicy moments here and not leave this blog of memories void of the wrap up we got to experience!

    After arriving to Bangkok we played three more teams that gave us some serious competition, so much so that we lost! But the players continued to share the way that Jesus changed their lives and the conversations flowed following the games or maybe we just ended up dancing and hand motioning for lack of Thai language knowledge. I hope to share some stories over the next few blogs of what God did in those last few days and of what God has done since. 

    We are thankful to have gotten to be together for this trip and that God allowed us to be a part of it with Him. 


  • Bangkok Relax Day

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    Volleyball - Thailand

    Yesterday was a much needed day of easy travel and relaxation.

    We woke up and hopped on a flight to Bangkok where we were greeted by vans with actually seats and air conditioning! However, we were all a little nervous about the fact that we had to stay in the same hotel we stayed in the first night in Thailand. There were spiders on the walls, dirty sheets, and a bed's were small. But by the grace of God we got to upgrade to beautiful rooms with actual showers! That was definitely a major blessing.

    A couple of us enjoyed lying out in the scorching heat by the pool on the roof before we headed to dinner and the market. We rolled up jammin in a "Luxury" Toyota van with an intense sound system and neon changing lights. It was awesome....well for the first five minutes but then we all got tired. The market in Bangkok was wonderful. It was a pleasant change. Justin and I enjoyed our 100th Nutella and banana waffle and strolled around the cute little shops with Ashley, pretending like we know how to bargain.

    We topped off the night with an incredible 45 minute massage that cost about 7 U.S. dollars. God definitely knew we were all in need of a little revamping. He shows His caring and faithfulness in so many ways. He is pushing me to grow in my walk and trust with Him, but He is also so faithful and loving in giving me rest.

    Natalie Jones
  • Junior National Team Match

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    Volleyball - Thailand

    Today was our first full day in Bangkok and it was one for the books!

    We started off the day diving into the word and examining how to fully read scripture. It was eye opening to see how much more we can learn from the Bible by breaking down the passages. We then walked over to the gym to put on a quick clinic and a friendship match with the U18 Thailand Junior National Team.

    After the clinic I had the pleasure of sharing my testimony to the girls who played in the clinic. After we played and spoke with the U18 team, we were notified that 18 total people came to Christ today! God is doing big things here and everyone here is being a vessel for Christ.


    Rebecca Brown

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