• Day 2 - Training Camp

    Section: Soccer

    2017 Teams: Soccer - Spain Men

    AIA Men's Soccer Spain

      Our coaches told us to prepare for the hardest day of camp… and the wren't kidding. The second day of camp has finally wrapped up. We had a tight schedule today with limited breaks, but our team grinded it out. Our friendships and bonds continue to grow more firm as each training session passes.

    Our day started with a morning training session, then went from the field straight to the classroom. We learned more about ministering to people for when we get to Spain, and learned we always have an audience of one. After our time in the classroom we went back to the field for our last session. Although we may be tired physically and mentally, the team continues to stay strong and pour into each other and to grow together. Some of our team got to share an abbreviated version of their testimony, and seeing them accept everyone with such openness was inspiring.

    We have a long trip ahead of us, but we have set our eyes on growing in the Lord and letting the Lord use us for a bigger purpose. I am beyond excited to get to know more about this team, and I cannot wait to see how God uses us for His design.

    -Stanton for the Team

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  • AIA Track is returning to the Canary Islands

    Section: Track

    2017 Teams: Track - Canary Islands

    Canary Islands- Track and Field

    The Canary Islands are an autonomous archipelago of Spain. While there are no Athletes in Action staff in the Canary Islands, AIA partners with CrossWorld ministries to connect people to Christ through track and field and long distance running.

    The team will spend two weeks on the main island of Tenerife, where many people love to run, racewalk, hike, and bike. The majority of the population sees Christians as people who don't fit into normal society, which is why connecting with them through sport is the method for developing relationships and engaging in spiritual conversations.

    The Athletes in Action track and field team traveling to the Canary Islands is just two weeks away from arriving at training camp and begining our journey together.

    We have a good mix of athletes with a variety of skillsets and are excited to see how God uses us in the Canary Islands. Our team will be lead by Joel and Paul C. Today, we will introduce Joel.

    Joel P. is a staff member with Athletes in Action and is returning to the Canary Islands for the second time as the team discipler. Joel's event is the 20 kilometer racewalk.

    He has been blessed to be an NAIA All-American in college and competed at the 2016 Olympic Trials. He lives in Dayton, Ohio with his wife, Joanna, and daughter, Eliana

    As the trip draws near, we will continue to introduce you to more of Team Canary. We would greatly appreciate prayers in the coming weeks as we prepare for the trip. Thanks!

    - Mason For the Team

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  • It's About THAIme!

    Section: Volleyball

    2017 Teams: Volleyball - Thailand

    Volleyball - Thailand

    I am sharing today from a bit of a different perspective. I am not a part of the team that is traveling across the world in four days, but I sure feel like I am! I have been a part of the planning since day one and I am handling the logistics for the team until they depart! Even before the team came I felt like I knew them because of all the communication and details we have had to work on together, but I know I haven't even started to get to know these 21 called, loved and chosen people on this team. 

    Yesterday was a special day, after a FULL year of planning and communicating with this team, we are FINALLY all together. I love that our interns chose the hashtag: #familyTHAIS because that is what we are hoping we will experience with each other: family. We don't even need to try to become one, we already are! The one thing that brought us all together, is the same thing that makes us family: the blood of Christ.

    As day #1 of training camp continued on, one by one the team started showing up and the family time started. As I checked people in, I overheard the team asking each other about their stories and some even foregoing naps in order to meet their new teammates!

    We had orientation at Amber's house (another volleyball staff member, who is also a new mama!) and then we had our first practice! It was the first opportunity, as a family, to get to know each other, how we play, what our strengths and weakensses are and even where we need God's truth on the court!

    It is just the beginnng of tour but it was about THAIme that we got this tour started!

    -Ashley for the Team

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