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Team Notes ( Non- Project): AIA Sports Performance

2017 Teams: Sports Perf. - South Africa

Good evening! 

We are finally settled here in Cape Town and already off to a wonderful start. Yesterday was a short day, as everyone was still pretty tired from the late night of traveling. We began our day by bringing our two teams together for breakfast and fellowship. Upon meeting new friends, we learned about fellowship and community and using each other to deepen our relationship with the Lord. We then took that fellowship to a drive around the coast and up the mountain for some breathtaking views. After enjoying a late lunch we all agreed to head back and call it an early night to prepare for today's full day of adventuring.

Today began once again by bringing our two teams together for breakfast and some quiet time in scripture. The weather outside turned from cloudy to pouring rain to absolute sunshine all in about 10 minutes. It seemed a nice comparison to the day ahead of us full of beautiful, last-minute changes to the agenda. Once the sky cleared up, it was time to take advantage and head up to Table Mountain by way of cable car. The top of the mountain was indescribable. There was beauty everywhere we turned, complete with some unexpected snow. How great is the Lord to give us such beauty to encounter every single day? 

The rest of the day we explored the waterfront with our new friends and got to experience some authentic South African cousine (ostrich, zebra, crocodile, springbok). With full stomachs and full hearts we headed home for some rest to prepare for the exciting days ahead. 

I cannot wait to see how the Lord will use us this week, and if the first two days are any indication, it is sure to be amazing.

Until next time.....


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