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X Project - Ohio

Brittni H.

If you ask Brittni H. where she’s seen the most growth in her life she’ll tell you that it’s been through her college experience. Growing up in a Christian home in Woodstock, Ga., Brittni knew college would be an eye-opening experience for her but not in the way she expected.

“My worldview definitely still has those biblical roots but at the same time it has definitely evolved in a way, as far as what I truly believe rather than what I’ve been taught, so a lot of learning things have come from that.”

The community Brittni has formed at Berry College consists of her swim team sisters. Helping guide her through her sophomore year after sustaining a concussion, her teammates provided her with support academically and mentally. She has learned through this season of life, more than ever, to lean on God and allow Him to guide her down the path he has planned. The end reward will be worth it, she says.

Brittni has a passion for people, helping them to reach their full potential. Whether it’s helping with camps or visiting schools this summer, she has been a key component to impacting the people who walk onto the AIA campus. She is a mentor to many of the student athletes who are looking to grow in their faith and actively seeks out those in the crowd who may not be as eager to engage.

Though there’s only two weeks left in the internship, Brittni has already grown more than ever in her faith and profession, making her dream career of blending sports and psychology more of a reality.

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