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  • What are you playing for?

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    Our men's basketball Philippines team discovered why they were playing!

    This three-minute clip, made by a student tour member, gets your eyes and ears, mind and heart really going. If you know any of the tour members in this video, rejoice in their rich experiences in grace, truth, adventure, battles, the gospel and great personal growth...and pray them on in their journey.

    If you don't know a soul and are just surfing through, you've discovered a very good thing. Watch, and let God's Spirit grab you and grow you, giving vision for how you could spend a summer or even paint a lifetime. Don't waste your life...

    Catch more about our time in the Philippines.

    Are you looking for an experience of a lifetime and love the game of basketball?  Check this out!

  • Philippines Basketball: Update from Coach Claude Pardue

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    Here's an update from Georgia State Assistant Coach "CP":

    After a welcoming break from all things basketball yesterday afternoon, this AIA team was well rested to take on a busy day. Last night, the team took part in quality fellowship over Kentucky fried chicken and New York style pizza at the hotel... this was a treat!

    This morning the team awoke well rested with great energy. This fed into a group discussion in our team time commenting on the last few days and our thoughts as Christian brothers. Soon after, we left for a hospital to visit a group of young kids with cancer and their parents. This was a heartwarming experience for us as the kids were incredibly excited to see us with smiles lighting up the room. The highlight was a dance off with Tulsa power forward TK Edogi and a couple of the girls. Needless to say, everyone won.

    We returned to the hotel for some rest before our late night game against De La Salle. They came into the game as one of the top teams in the UAAP. A competitive game throughout, we only pulled away in the fourth quarter when our defense took over and we were able to get out in transition. Wearing a little thin, we had to rely on spot minutes from our team manager, Will Edison, who showed why the Ohio State intramural leagues should be worried heading into the upcoming season. 

    God's love continues to work through each and every one of us. The way we share with each other both on and off the court is commendable and a huge reason for this team's success. Big day tomorrow and we are just pulling into the hotel now at 1:00am. 

    Until next time, God Bless!

  • Philippines Basketball: Photo Update

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    Check out what AIA Basketball has been up to lately in the Philippines!

    TK Edogi bringing excitement to the crowd by lifting up one of the orphans for a dunk!

    Coach Phil Bollier shares the gospel with the National University basketball team.

    Winston Shepard receives the Freego Player of the Game award in our win over Blackwater Elite.

    Javis Howard brings smiles in the classroom as he shows off his muscles.

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