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  • New Zealand: Final Day

    Section: Basketball

    Today was our last full day in New Zealand, we fly out tomorrow night.  We began the day starting our tour debrief coming up with our post-tour manifesto of writing down goals we feel the Lord is giving us for our next season of life after the tour.  Then we went to a Hot Water Park for the afternoon.  We then began a time of doing an affirmation time of speaking words of life into each of the guys on the team. We ended the night by hosting a meal and celebration time for our Host Families. 

     All game stats are now uploaded.

  • New Zealand Aug 10

    Section: Basketball

    Today was our last game day.  Started with going through Principal #5, went to campus to do survey's with students for an hour, then to the gym for our last game against the Breakers Academy team which we won 90 - 74.  Our team finished with a final record of 7-0.  After dinner we began our debrief where we shared a funny moment (for many was multiple funny moments), a highlight from the tour, and something God has been teaching them through the tour.

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