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  • Coach Spotlight: Assouman

    Section: Basketball

    Assouman, who is on staff with Athletes in Action and is from the Ivory Coast, gave us his take on the Coaches Academy:

    "I am Jean Michel Assouman and I come from the Ivory Coast. I am on staff with Athletes in Action and I have been for 7 years. I bring coaches to this academy for two reasons. First, it's an opportunity for a coach to improve their ability and to empower them. Second, it gives them opportunity to grow in their faith. So, I'm very excited for the academy because it's growing and I appreciate all of the activities, including visiting universities and Athletes in Action Headquarters. I pray that the outcome of this training wil be fruitful."

  • Coach Spotlight: Victor

    Section: Basketball

    "Mi parte favorita de la academy es cuando podemos intercambiar pensamientos con personas de diferentes partes del mundo, con diferentes culturas y en diferentes idiomas. Ha sido muy interesante el aporte que lo academy me ha brindado, para ayudar ha me crecímiento personal y profesíonal."

    "My favorite part of the academy is when we can exchange thoughts with people from different parts of the world, with different cultures and different languages. The academy is very interesting in the opportunity that it gives me for personal and professional growth."


    Yesterday, the coaches received professional development training about leading self, learned transition/secondary break basketball skills with the help of our Fall Tour team, and attended a basketball game at Wilmington - our Fall Tour team played Wilmington and won!

  • Coach Spotlight: Alejo

    Section: Basketball

    "Coaches Academy es una oportunidad para aprender para retroalimentar los conocimientos, a partir de multiples aprendizajes de diferentes niveles es un espacio de crecimiento personal para la vida y el ambito profesíonal como coach de baloncesto."

    "Coaches Academy is an opportunity to learn to reinforce knowledge, to learn from multiple levels, ad it is a space for growth - personally, professionally, and as a basketball coach."

    Today, coaches learned about building a half court defense, had a talk giving by an Athletes in Action Leadership Development/Human Resources staff about conflict and confrontation, and went to a Cedarville University Women's Basketball practice.

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