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  • Fall Tour Tennessee Adventure

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    After defeating Cedarville University, 108-88, the men's fall tour team headed to Bristol, Tennessee on the Kentucky, Tennessee border. On the way to Tennessee the team made a pitstop in Petersburg, Kentucky to visit the Creation Museum. The Creation Museum is a 75,000-square-foot museum that brings to life events, animals and people of the Bible.  The team was able to admire God's creation by visiting the "chained rock" in Pineville, Kentucky. The "chained rock" is a giant boulder chained together at the top of a mountain. It is said to be chained together to prevent the rock from tumbling down the mountain and destroying the city of Pineville below. 

  • #AIAcoachesacademy15

    Section: Basketball

    The first full day of the International Basketball Coaches Academy is currently underway. 

    37 basketball and strength coaches from 15 countries - including Togo, Jordan, Colombia, Guatemala, South Korea, Egypt and Kenya, to name a few - are gathered together in Xenia, Ohio at Athletes in Action's World Training and Resource Center for two weeks. During the course of the academy, coaches will receive training and experience that is designed to contribute to their professional, emotional, and spiritual development.

    You can follow the Coaches Academy on social media with the hashtag #AIAcoachesacademy15.

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