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  • Jul 21, 2014

    Future Cameroon World Cup Team?

    Each day in Cameroon has been full of excitement and discovery. Today, we discovered maybe we are not futbol players worthy of a position in the World Cup, but we enjoy the game anyway. We began our day by meeting with a few officials of University of Yaounde II, who spoke with us about further collaboration between AIA and the University, and how the American team can play a part in this collaboration. Afterwards, they offered us a tour of the university and a chance to play some soccer on one of the University’s fields. We separated into teams and played a real game of African futbol. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves- Ralph found his hidden talent as a defender, Tyler saved countless balls as goalie, Kate, Gus, and Leanne were all over the ball, Robert loved the opportunity to show off the soccer skills he thought he’d left in junior high, and I made contact with the ball a few times… which is a real accomplishment with my limited skill! The game ended in a tie. Regardless of the score, we were happy to spend time with our friends.

    Later in the evening, we gathered at the Campus Crusade office for Gus to share the final principle. There were over twenty athletes and coaches present, and many asked questions and were receptive. We closed with a touching group prayer, where our team prayer for the Cameroon team, and their team prayed for us. This week has been an experience like no other and the friendships that we have made will surely last. Tomorrow, we head to Silas’s home village. Prayers for safe travel and successful ministry while we are there would be appreciated. Thank you for being a part of our ministry with your support and prayer!


  • Jul 21, 2014

    College Park Tennis Clinic!

    The team has spent the last couple of days of doing what they do naturally on the tennis court, which is hitting forehands, backhands, and serves.  Now it is time to serve the community with an awesome tennis clinic.  And serve they did!

    The team put on their AIA yellow shirts and began to serve each participant individually, teaching them a number of tennis skills.  Andrew, pictured above, says, "I enjoyed being able to take some time and coach these ladies in our second clinic of the day.  I enjoyed establishing relationships and being able to combine ministry through tennis.  This was an enjoyable experience for me."  

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