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  • It's Not About You

    May 28, 2016

    Section: Volleyball

    Teams2016: Volleyball - Thailand

    Volleyball - Thailand

    Our last day before leaving for Thailand is coming to a close and it couldn’t be more bitter sweet. Words cannot describe how much fun we have had during training camp and how much each of us has grown in this short week. It’s been the perfect preparation for the next part of our journey that we are about to endure.


    Today's theme was: “its not about you." We were taught the importance of allowing God to work in us and through us. And not claiming our gifts as our own but recognizing that we are stewards of the talents God gave us.


    It's amazing how God works, this lesson could not have come at a better time because later in the evening we had the privilege of playing at the women’s prison in Dayton. It was with out a doubt one of the most impactful experiences most of us have ever had up to this point, in our young lives. These women worked so hard to prepare a team and let me tell you, they were good. They laughed with us, cheered with us, and told us about their lives. Some of us got to share our testimonies and as we prayed over them I couldn’t help but feel like we had done something bigger, today, than we imagined that we could. God is so good.


    In 24 hours, we will be halfway there! Keep praying for us and loving on us!

    - McKenzie for the Team

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  • Daily Prayer Requests

    May 28, 2016

    Section: Volleyball

    Teams2016: Volleyball - Thailand


     Volleyball - Thailand

    2016 Tour Prayer Calendar
















    Lord, give us humility and confidence, and eyes to see the opportunities that God is giving to us.


    “Please pray that my relationship with Christ will deepen and He will be first in my life.”


    Being lead by the spirit through conversations with the people of Thailand, and help us overcome the language barrier.


    “So that my knowledge of God’s word makes its way to my heart.”


    Lord, do not let us be consumed by our emotions on the court.


    “Please pray that God guides me in the direction that He wants me to go. And for me to deepen my relationship with Christ.”

    Kenzie B.

    Let the heart of the people that we are testifying to be softened towards the Lord and towards us.


    “Pray to help focus on being thankful for others’ success trusting God.”


    Coach Dave

    Let us be diligent in our work, but also let our times of rest be fulfilling.


    “Improve in confidence of spreading the Gospel, and resting in the grace of God.”



    Let us be open to hear what God is telling us individually so that our relationship with Him continues to grow stronger.


    “To lean into the Lord and not to do things out of my own strength.”


    Let us choose to have a grateful attitude towards others for this amazing opportunity.


    “Patience with the conversations I have with nonbelievers and believers alike.”










    Please let the in country staff realize how their work is impacting so many lives; specifically Fai, Prim, and Sao.


    “Learning how to honestly compete for God, and not for myself or others.”


    Pray that our supporters understand how grateful we are for their contributions and either grow in or begin their relationship with the Lord.

    “Sharing the Gospel confidently.”


    For all of those who are lost and need Jesus Christ as their savior.


    Kenzie E.

    “I want to learn how to pursue my relationship with God so I can walk with Him for a lifetime”

    That our teams’ minds may be renewed to focus on playing for an audience of one.


    “For protection, wisdom, and a mind that is quick to speak God’s truth over my life.”



    For all of the other missionaries doing the Lord’s work right now.

    “For God to use me as He sees fit and for my heart to align with His plan.”


    “I would minister out of a place of rest in the Lord”


    That after this trip, we continue to grow in our walk with the Lord and to remain passionate about sharing the Gospel wherever God has us.



    That we remain filled with grace towards one another as we travel home and that the lessons we have learned have a continued strong impact on our daily lives. 




    - McKenzie for the Team

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  • Vision Becomes Reality

    May 27, 2016

    Section: Football

    Teams2016: Football - World Univ Champ

    Football - World University Championships

    A nearly year-long vision came to life Thursday when football players from across the country arrived in Xenia.

    Training Camp has begun.

    Players met their coaches, AIA staff and got a vision of what this trip will be about.

    They also learned how to give a man hug while yelling the tour’s defining word – Hazak.

    Coaches, who had already been meeting throughout the week, unveiled their game plan for the WUC.

    Most of the players got their first taste of the Principles, as Carl Lanham presented Principle 1, posing the question, Who or What Do We Worship? It struck a chord with many, who discussed this concept and others in their small groups. 

    - Chris for the Team

    #GOAIAUSA     #WUCAmFootball2016

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