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  • Dec 12, 2014

    We're going to Kenya!

    The Kenya Golf Tour starts in only 17 short days! Our team of 10 is made up of golfers, AIA staff members and a health professional...all ready and excited to minister through the sport of golf and humanitarian aid in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. We will be involved in golf tournaments, clinics and in the slum of Kibera at a local school. Please be praying for our team as we prepare physically and spiritually, for the people of Nairobi and for our Kenyan staff as they prepare to host us. We are excited to see how God is going to work! Keep checking back for updates as we prepare to go and as we're there!

  • Dec 1, 2014

    Veracruz 2014: What God does!

    What GOD does!

     In a couple of the previous emails I painted a rough picture of what we do at these events.  But the main thing at these events is what GOD does.  I’m going to close my writings for the ministry at the 21st Central American and Caribbean Games by giving you one more story.  

     Three years ago several of us were in Guadalajara at the Pan American Games.  We met a Cuban athlete who was on fire for the Lord.  We’ll call him Fernando.  He was also competing in these Games - but staying in another city in Mexico, (Xalapa) where his sport was competing (2-hours away).  John had faithfully stayed in touch with Fernando for the last 3 years and planned to visit him in Xalapa.  Fernando asked John for a favor.  A friend of Fernando, who lives in Colombia, South America, sent a gift with one of the Colombian athletes.  The two of them weren’t in the same city, so Fernando would never get the gift.  John decided to hunt down the Colombian athlete, get the gift and deliver it to Fernando in Xalapa. 

     John found the athlete from Colombia boxer.  His name is Jorge.  John got the gift from Jorge and then tried to talk to him about his spiritual life.  Jorge said, “I’m NOT a Christian.  I know some Christians, but I’m not one”.  He was really emphatic, so John just let it go.   A few days later Marco Antonio (who had been with John) saw this Colombian boxer sitting alone in a hotel.  Marco went to talk to him and pursued the spiritual conversation some more.  A half hour later, Jorge was praying a prayer and asking Christ to take over his life.  As soon as he said “amen” he jumped up and started pumping his fists in the air saying “Si.  Si.  Si.” (Yes!  Yes!  Yes!).  

     A few days earlier this guy had been obstinate - having no desire to know about a relationship with Christ.  Something happened in his heart over those few days that made him soft enough to receive the truth of God’s word.  And now he’s a brother in Christ.  This is definitely something that GOD did.  

    And I believe God has moved through the prayers of many.  THANK YOU!

  • Nov 25, 2014

    Veracruz 2104: Using media to share the Love of Christ!

    Yesterday some of AIA ministry team caught up with one of AIA's Colombian staff at their hotel.  Piedad is probably one of the best connected ministers in Columbia and is supporting bible studies with over eleven different sports teams.  Within Colombia, Piedad is truly helping us get a little closer to our goal of “a follower of Christ on every team, in every sport, in every nation."  

    Several on our AIA team accompanied Piedad to a meeting with the Columbian wrestling team.  During the meeting she challenged them to share an evangelistic sport DVD with other athletes during their time in Veracruz.  Several on the team accepted the challenge; one wrestler was on his way to meet a friend and immediately brought up the opportunity to watch the video with him.  

    Later in the evening we accompanied Marco as he met with the Honduran soccer team.  When Marco arrived in Veracruz there were seven Christians on the team.  During the last week, seven others made decisions for Christ!  This is their national team, which means the players come from teams all over the country.  So there is probably a follower of Christ on every professional soccer team in Honduras!

    At their last game, Marco gave each of the 20 players one of our DVDs and told them to give it to the opposing player.  They did it!  Even the non-Christian guys went ahead and did it.  Tonight was a really special time with them.  They hung on every word that was spoken.  God has honored them and allowed them to reach the semi-finals in the tournament.  They play Venezuela tomorrow.  Pray that they will play to the glory of God.

    The AIA Veracruz Team

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