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    Teams2016: Basketball - New Zealand

    Recap of Thursday:

    -Morning Practice

    -Ministry Training: Got in small groups to practice a 3 minute to share during games, camps and clinics about their relationship with God. We also had a time to learn about how to have spiritual conversations.  Most people enjoy having spiritual conversations when done in a caring way.  We learned about spiritual wondering.

    -Ministry Activity: We went to Huntington Beach to engage people in conversation by doing a sports and faith survey.  Our team was able to have some good conversations and were able to pray for others whom they had just met.

    -Host Family Dinner: We had a nice dinner with all of the host families. It was a time of celebration as many of our teammates were blown away that strangers would welcome them into their home and love on them. A couple have never had this experience before.  The host families cared for our team so well, and all the guys shared stories of how they cared for them.  Then many of the host families share how they were blessed by hosting these guys and sharing how they were encouraged seeing young men seeking to pursue growing in their walks with God.  Then one host mom shared her story of the first time she heard someone share their faith story was at a Basketball game with Long Beach St. playing against an Athletes in Action. She mentioned how she was a rowdy college girl and hearing this story planted a seed that grew when a friend invited her on a church trip and a couple things came together and she began a personal relationship with God.

    A short video recap:

  • First Day Recap

    Section: Basketball

    Teams2016: Basketball - Kenya

    Basketball - Kenya

    Our first full day in Kenya has arrived! Today we were blessed with the opportunity of attending and meeting with staff from Life Ministries. We spent much time getting to know each other better and also listening to some of their needs and desires as we work with them over the next few days. We were all blessed and humbled at the amount of love and hospitality shown. We sat and ate lunch as a group and continued to share stories with each other and learn how we could assist them in reaching their ministry goals and what roles we could play helping to building and develop their ministry.

    Once we finished our time at Life Ministries, we made our way to Upper Hill Boys Academy. We were scheduled to play in our first Kenya basketball game against Equity Bank Women’s team. As we entered the academy we were surrounded by boys and curious faces as to who we were and why we were there. When we approached the courts we didn’t hesitate to start partaking in worship. We quickly put on our shoes and begin to walk onto the cement courts to engage with the youth. We played games of one-on-one, knock out, and even some 5-on-5 games. The smiles and the amount of laughter from each boy was amazing.  Shortly after the women’s team arrived and we started our game.  The basketball courts were not the traditional hardwood floors, but instead concrete with faded basketball marking, loose rims, and broken nets, but we did not complain and adapted to our environment. It was so humbling for us as a team to see the amount of pride taken by the other team in their court and playing conditions. Our focus for this game was to bring glory to God regardless of circumstances; and we did just that.

    During half time one of our teammates, Jo, had the opportunity to share her story of how her own personal desires at one point outweighed the desires of God. She shared how surrendering her path to God has changed her life and continues to fulfill her. Then, our student-assistant Katlyn shared the gospel message. After the game, a player from the opposing team (Equity Bank) came back to share with us that she was grateful for our teammate's testimony and that she was excited to hear that another person had dealt with something she previously dealt with and the hope within her testimony. She also shared that she was happy to know that God does not just do things for women in the United States or Kenya, but for the entire world. She stated that she is where she is today by entrusting God with her life. She stated that our teammate’s testimony was confirmation to her and where she is in her walk of faith. We are excited to continue on our journey of sharing the gospel through sport here in Kenya. We thank you for your continued prayer and support as we continue to walk out God’s purpose for us all on this mission.


    Dominique (for the team)


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