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  • Jul 29, 2014

    Did you ever wonder .....

    Did you ever wonder how playing basketball (or any other sport) could make an immeasurable impact on your life, as well as the lives of many others around the world?  

    Is it worth 3 minutes to see how God could give you the experience of a lifetime while impacting eternity?  Get a glimpse into this years basketball project to Guatemala!

    Now you know.  The question now, how can you be a part?

  • Jul 28, 2014

    Having a Blast in Bloomington Indiana!

    Before heading over to the tennis courts for practice, we stopped McCormick's creek state park to admire the waterfall.

    The team stopped for a picture after our free clinic with a local high school boys tennis team. 

    The team enjoyed practicing at Indidana University in preperation for the ITA Tennis Tournament on the weekend. We were able to go into Assembly Hall and even shoot a few hoops.  Go Hoosiers!

  • Jul 27, 2014

    So Hard to Say Goodbye

    Can’t believe it’s our last night all together in Togo. What an amazing experience these past two weeks have been. We've shared some unforgettable laughs and experienced God at work in many lives. Our team has really bonded and we can already tell the goodbye is not going to be easy. Magloire found a nice hotel on the beach for us to debrief and process these last two weeks! The trifecta was in place...flushing toilets, electricity and hot water! What more could you ask for?

    After getting situated we made our way to the beach to take one last team picture in our matching Togo shirts the General got us the night before! We accomplished the jumping picture and Nicole also found her hidden talent in being a cheerleader!

    Later that night we all made our way to the roof top where we made our way around the table encouraging one another and reminiscing on the last few weeks together.

    To sum up the trip I think Melissa's "special poem" says it all:

    Four set out
    With one to meet
    To a country in Africa
    All covered in deet

    From the states to Togo
    To places in between
    We were all brought together
    By forces unseen

    From Lome to Kara
    Kpalime as well
    Spread the word, gather up
    We have Jesus story to tell

    No fear of Ebola
    Has stopped this crew
    Even though there was a little bleeding
    And a monkey slap or two

    There were jokes of sandwiches
    And anaconda milk
    Elephants hugs and back flip stunts

    We learned not to put water on the table
    And to wear earplugs at night
    Nothing got this team down
    Despite su-pre-zeys left and right

    Together such a short time
    But making fast friends
    Not knowing Gods plans
    But hoping the ripple effect never ends

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