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May 15, 2013

Basketball - Cote D'Ivoire

  • Aug 20, 2013

    Final Days - Ivory Coast

    The Ivory Coast team is on its final days.  In fact most of the team has now departed Ivory Coast on their way home, with our of our teammates having to head back to class today.  When the dates got changed, getting flights out was very difficult so they team leaves over a 4 day stretch.  Pray for Coach Mo and AIA staff Jim R. who are staying the longest and will likely make new connections for AIA as they will attend two days of the AfroBasket tournament.

    A brief update from Coach Mo from Monday:

    We had a fantastic day today in tour debrief and meeting with all the African AIA staff and volunteers. Affirmation time was totally, deeply moving for all! We met with the chief basketball federation officials downtown today as well and things went very well. Future partnerships here because we came now seem incredibly bright. Praise the Lord!

    Also, check out Jordan Morgan's lastest video Blog on Sunday's Day of Worship

    #MGoAfrica: Day of Worship from Jordan Morgan on Vimeo.

  • Aug 17, 2013

    New day given new opportunities Ivory Coast

    Yesterday we went into our game with Cape Verde as our last game even though we have a few more days to go.  Though we lost the game by one possession we ended up getting not just one game opportunity but three.  We were asked by Cape Verde to play again, to do a scrimmage with Tunisia and the. The Congo team asked to play us. This is because many of the teams are practicing in the same gym And we were able to interact with all these teams.  We have also had some heartfelt moments together as a team.One of our teammates shared yesterday that he had surrendered his life to the Lord two nights ago. Watch the video blog to hear how our team competed against the previous Afrobasket champions and team as in last summer's Olympics.

    More photos posted to our Dropbox page:

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