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  • Nov 20, 2014

    Veracruz 2014 day 6, A Day of New Life for many.

    Our day began with Marco Antonio, our AIA leader in Honduras engaged in a conversation with a boxer from Colombia.  Marco was talking with this boxer about whether his success in the boxing ring was translating over to his life outside the ring.  It quickly became obvious it wasn't.  Marco then began to explain to this boxer how he could know God personally.  After hearing the Gospel this boxer trusted Jesus Christ!   

    Our team had another opportunity today as we were invited to speak to the baseball team from Guatemala.  After hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel, 14 baseball players prayed to receive Christ!  

    As if our day couldn't get any better, our Athletes in Action team received official accreditation as chaplains here and now we have access to all the venues.  

    The Lord is good!  Keep praying for us as we minister to these athletes and coaches!

    Adam for the team 

  • Nov 14, 2014

    Central American and Caribbean Games Outreach

    Welcome to the Central American and Caribbean Games Outreach Blog.  We hope to keep this up to date while 12 AIA staff are in Veracruz, Mexico Nov. 12-30.  We will be ministering to almost 6,000 athletes and coaches participating in 30 different sports from 16 different countries.  Please join us in praying for opportunities to share Jesus love with the assembled participants.  

  • Nov 6, 2014

    The International Coaches Academy is Almost Here!

    As our International Coaches Academy begins this Monday Nov. 10th, we are excited to see what will happen over the 10 days that we have with the coaches. This year we have the following 22 people representing 10 different countires:

    Cameroon: Emile, and Guy

    Egypt: Samy

    Ivory Coast: Patricia

    Kazakhstan: Oleg, Viktor, Mart, Sergey, and Ravshan

    Kyrgystan: Ibraev

    Senegal: Parfait, and Assane

    Togo: Oumar and Fafadji

    Zambia: Mwembe

    Philippines: Jerry, Clod, and Martin

    Mexico: Jolita, Dinorah, and Jair

    We are looking forward to keeping you updated!

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