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  • May 27, 2015

    Team Time

    Today began with camp, where we did a lot of ball handling and defensive drills. It seemed to be beneficial for the girls and we all enjoyed teaching and learning. The girls did a skit about a true story of one of their peers, and it was beautiful how they chose to act out her basketball story. It touched us and we were happy to see how much the girl has grown over the years in basketball skill. We also played with the older campers in a very competitive game. They did not lay down for us, and it was refreshing to see girls that we have worked with compete so well and so hard against us. The most heart-warming part of it was at the end when we shook hands with them and they told us “thank you.” They did not say “good game,” which is a normality for us, but thank you! That was nice because it felt like they really appreciated us playing with them and they seemed to be happy about the experience of playing us, whether they won or lost. After we played, we all walked over to the dining area and had dinner together. This was the best part of our day. At dinner we really were able to relax and all just be girls together and talk about life apart from basketball. The girls are a lot funnier, nicer, and teachable than we thought they would be. They are interested in us as people and they are eager to learn about basketball and the English language. At dinner, we saw them as real, open, young women. It was awesome fellowship and much appreciated on both ends.


    Team time on the roof

  • May 26, 2015

    Guest clinicians at our AIA Training Camp

    We are excited to have the following wrestlers joining us at training camp to run our workouts for the Guatemala and Mongolia projects.  It is a very accomplished group including...


    Duane Goldman Head Coach University of Indiana, NCAA Champion, World Cup Team member Ulaanbataar Mognolia


    John Peterson 1972 Olympic Silver Medal 1976 Olympic Gold Medal AIA wrestling staff


    Jim Gruenwald 2x Olympian Greco-Roman wrestling, head coach Wheaton College

     Jason Welch NCAA runner-up

  • May 26, 2015

    Krasivyy (beautiful)

    Today’s adventures have been filled with new opportunities and sites. This morning we again led camp for the athletes. It was amazing to see children, many who are middle school and high school age (also known as university level here) working and developing their skills! Our focus for today was on ball handling and offense. It has been such a joy to work with the athletes. Today, I could tell they were able to connect and apply the knowledge that they learned from the previous day.

    Connecting to the athletes has been a new cultural experience for me. I had never been outside of the country. Likewise, I had never been in an environment where I had struggled to communicate as much. This experience will help me better connect to my students when I get home. I value the relationships that I have been able to develop with the athletes to not only help them grow, but help me grow.

    The second exciting experience today was that we had an excursion up to the mountains. We traveled in a tour bus and we were able to listen and learn about all the important sites of the city. The mountains were beautiful. We hiked up the mountain and climbed all the stairs. There were 836 steps. There were stunning views and sites to see.

    Overall, today was an awesome experience.

    - Ellen

    Doing offensive drills with the girls.

    We had to walk up 836 steps, but it was worth it!

    Courtney and Janeye felt like royalt getting their pictures taken with graduating seniors.

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