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  • Women's Basketball Ministering in Santa Marta

    Section: Basketball

    2017 Teams: Basketball - Colombia

    Basketball - Colombia

    AIA Women's Basketball had an INCREDIBLE few days in Santa Marta, Colombia. We flew out of Philadelphia early Friday evening, and after connecting flights, etc., landed early Saturday morning in Bogotá, Colombia. Something unique about AIA's presence in Santa Marta is that the ministry there was started by and now led by two young people in their early 20's, Laura and Camilo! It was a huge blessing for us to get to come alongside them and help with their ministry there, as well as seeing their hearts of service. Anything they could do to help us or anyone else, they were always right there with a willingness and desire to serve. 

    One of the restaurants that have become a team favorite has been Crepes & Waffles, one that would probably be a regular for each of us in America if it were an option. While we were eating there our last night in Santa Marta, Laura told us about the ministry there and what God has been doing. Only 22 years old, she teaches elementary level students full-time, as well as coaching two soccer teams and heading up the AIA ministry in their city. What started with Laura and Camilo voluntarily having one AIA small group that met has grown to six different solid groups meeting across the city... all of which are staffed from volunteers who work full-time as students or other careers. 

    During our time in Santa Marta, we had multiple games against women's teams, hosted skills clinics for kids, coaches clinics, and even played soccer with a few teams. At each event we were able to share our testimonies and the Gospel, as well as connect people for further involvement with the ministry. We're so grateful we've had the opportunity to be here and see what God is doing in Colombia, and we can't wait to see what else is to come in our last few days here. Please keep us in your prayers!

  • Meet the X Project Interns

    Section: X Project

    2017 Teams: X Project - Ohio

    X Project - Ohio

    It's almost time to welcome our summer interns to Athletes in Action Headquarters!  Our interns come from all over the country and the X Project team can't wait for them to arrive. Join us in praying for these students as they make their way to Xenia for a summer full of faith and fruitfulness.

  • THAIour Roster

    Section: Volleyball

    2017 Teams: Volleyball - Thailand

    Volleyball - Thailand

    I know that THAI pun in the title was a bit of a stretch, but thought I would leave it anyway because we are THAIing to be punny over here!

    We thought it was THAIme that we presented our THAIeam roster, we have already introduced the players individually but together we are family. Here is a list of our family, just a small drop in the family of God but one we are rejoicing in spending the next two and a half weeks with!

    Please pray specifically for each member of the team! We are grateful for your prayers.

    -Ashley for the Team

    #GOAIAUSA #Volleyball #Thailand #FamilyTHAIS

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