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  • Which Beast Do You Feed?

    May 31, 2016

    Section: Football

    Teams2016: Football - World Univ Champ

    Football - World University Championships

    What if I gave you $1 million? How would you treat me?

    The question was posed by one of our chaplains for the trip – Willie – or Chap – Templeton.

    “Would you ignore me?”

    His purpose was to explain the desire Christ has for us. He wants all of us – and part of that means He wants to spend time with us. He wants us to know Him.

    We’ve been blessed to have a collection of incredible teachers for our time in Xenia… many of whom will accompany us to Monterrey.

    Chap also spoke about the Holy Spirit. He painted a picture of the power we have inside of us – the power God gives us in the Holy Spirit, who lives in us as followers of Christ.

    He also portrayed the other “beast” inside of us that craves to feed our own desires and agenda. So how do you do what you should and not do what you don’t want to do?

    “It all depends on which one I feed,” he said.

  • Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

    May 30, 2016

    Section: Football

    Teams2016: Football - World Univ Champ

    Football - World University Championships

    The first night Head Coach Kirk Talley challenged everyone to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

    Does it sound ominous? Sure. But the point wasn’t that players should get ready to run gassers until they threw up.

    It meant they might be asked to do some things they weren’t totally familiar with – including playing a different position or different side of the ball.

    This team could end up playing 4 games in 8 days. Needless to say, we need depth.

    Everyone attends offensive meetings and defensive meetings – everyone is learning the full playbook.

    From the first practice, players who were solely offensive linemen in college, switched to the other side of the ball and are learning what it’s like to be the guys they're used to blocking.

    Much like Manrey, Tim Farina has welcomed the chance to attack the offensive backfield.

    Being open to change sometimes requires a change in heart. God has been at work in the hearts of these men as they come together as a team and get ready to compete in Mexico.

  • Rooted in Him

    May 30, 2016

    Section: Campus International

    Teams2016: Campus - Puerto Rico

    One thing that has impressed me so much on this trip is the power of fellowship amongst Christians. There’s something deeper and more profound amongst Christians. It’s crazy to me that, even though I hadn’t met anybody on this trip beforehand, I felt like I knew them on such a personal level because we share the same foundation on which we live our lives. I could go to anybody that’s a part of this project for help or advice or encouragement and know that they genuinely care, that they  put others above themselves and that is an amazing feeling. I am constantly pushed by those around me because they are so driven to become better, to understand the principles we are learning and it has been very life changing, I’ve never been more focused on becoming more Christ-like. It’s incredible to have this community around me.

    A moment in particular that I thought was so powerful was when Raul led us in worship before starting one of our sessions on the principles. They played well known worship songs, one being “How Great Is Our God” by Chris Tomlin. The second they started strumming the melody, everybody knew it. They started singing the lyrics in Spanish, and you could hear the Puerto Ricans start singing along. However, most of those from the States knew the words as well and began singing in English. As I looked around I was captivated by how moved every single person was in that room. It did not matter the language we spoke, the place we are from or how well we knew each other. In that moment, we were one united Body of Christ, all so willing to passionately praise the Lord who has given us everything: our salvation. It made me realize just how powerful the gospel is, how it will go the distance and change lives.

    It made me see just how much we all need salvation, no matter where we are, no matter what circumstance. I realized in that moment my desire to be a part of that movement, to see first hand the ability of the gospel to travel far and wide, going the distance in every nation to transform those who desperately need it. It made me want to root myself further into this amazing community, this Body of Christ, and ultimately, root myself completely in Him.

    -Kendall Curtis

    Ohio State University


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