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  • Aug 12, 2014

    Ready For A Great Week In Czech!

    We are off to Prague leaving Germany behind with a lot of great memories and new friends.  I think the word that best describes the first half of this trip is stretch.  I think we have all been stretched in some way from adjusting to no air conditioning to preparing and sharing our stories.  I know I have been stretched.  I am by nature a pretty shy person and the thought of sharing my story to a group of people terrifies me, but a few days ago, I was asked to share my story with a team and to say I was out of my comfort zone, is probably the biggest understatement on earth.  I did it. It wasn’t pretty.  But I learned that God can use me and this team as long as we are willing to stretch. To stretch beyond what we think we can do, allowing Him to give us the courage, strength and energy to stay focused during the long days of practice, camps and games. Our willingness to Stretch our minds and hearts to be courageous, enables us to shine on and off the court, sharing HIS story in the process.   Stretching us is how God shows his awesomeness in us.  

    Germany was beautiful, the games were great, the players, coaches and fans that we met were incredible, but what I will remember from Germany, is the stretch. But now we are in the Czech Republic! And I can't wait to see what happens next!

    Kelsey Smith

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